Pride comes before a fall [updated]


As part of its strategy to win more trading business and new customers, the London Stock Exchange needed a scalable, reliable, high-performance stock exchange ticker plant to replace its earlier system. […] Using the Microsoft® .NET Framework in Windows Server® 2003 and the Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 database, the new Infolect® system has been built to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, availability, and business agility.

Benefit: One-hundred-percent reliable on high-volume trading days

Or as Microsoft headlined it:

London Stock Exchange: Achieving Record Reliability Using Windows over Linux

Contrast with 2008-09-08:

The London Stock Exchange (LSE.L: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) suffered its worst systems failure in eight years on Monday, forcing the world’s third largest share market to suspend trading for about seven hours and infuriating its users. […]

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, which uses the LSE’s trading platform TradElect, also suspended trading.

And then in 2009-07-01:

…the CEO that brought TradElect to the LSE, Clara Furse, has left without saying why she was leaving. Sources in the City — London’s equivalent of New York City’s Wall Street — tell me that TradElect’s failure was the final straw for her tenure. The new CEO, Xavier Rolet, is reported to have immediately decided to put an end to TradElect.

Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange uses AIX and Linux.

I wonder how long it will take Microsoft to take down the banner ad.