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Microsoft technology at work, again

ZDNet Australia, 2006:

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) will add a business intelligence (BI) layer to its core records management system used for basic police duties.

The records management system is provided by Canadian vendor Niche Technology and forms the basis of its integrated policing solution, dubbed QPRIME (Queensland Police Records and Information Management Exchange).

QPS said its current QPRIME implementation made use of Microsoft’s Reporting Services, Report Builder and Analysis Services tools to deliver information analysis and reporting.

These tools are delivered through the use of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 environment, also utilising the vendor’s Internet Information Services Web server software.

Courier Mail, 2008:

FRUSTRATED Queensland police are turning a blind eye to crime to avoid time-consuming data entry on the force’s new $100 million computer system.


“They are reluctant to make arrests and they’re showing a lot more discretion in the arrests they make because QPRIME is so convoluted to navigate,” Mr Leavers said. He said minor street offences, some traffic offences and minor property matters were going unchallenged, but not serious offences.


“There was an occasion where two people were arrested on multiple charges. It took six detectives more than six hours to enter the details into QPRIME,” he said. “It would have taken even longer to do the summary to go to court the next morning, so basically the suspects were released on bail, rather than kept in custody.”