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Notes 8.5.3: ⊕/⊖

Things that make me happy about Notes 8.5.3:

  1. I can export my database designs to plain files, and put them in Git for version control.
  2. I can grep all my source code with ack.
  3. The built-in editor will let me see all the code for a design object in one window.
  4. Hover-over display of documentation comments for functions.
  5. Eclipse-style error summary.
  6. Real HTML and XML generation capabilities.
  7. HTML, ECMAScript and CSS in the Notes client.
  8. Server and client side JavaScript. I look forward to the day when I never have to write any LotusScript ever again.

Things that make me unhappy about Notes 8.5.3:

  1. Still no Linux design client.
  2. Still no Mac design client.
  3. No way to display bookmarks as icons in a grid. (And no, the old legacy Workspace is not an adequate substitute.)
  4. I can’t believe they rewrote it from the ground up and didn’t make it fully multithreaded.
  5. Errors are often reported on the wrong line number. That is, server-side error messages give a line number that may be 3 or 4 lines off from the actual place where the error occurred.
  6. LotusScript code editor no longer autocompletes the end of a block when you open a block, so now I need to remember which keywords are used to end each different kind of block.
  7. LotusScript code editor doesn’t clean up indentation automatically.