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The worst mergers and acquisitions

ZDNet ran a story in the week before Halloween about the worst tech mergers and acquisitions. Here are my thoughts on some of them. Caldera and SCO Xenix was the first Unix I ever used. It’s how I ended up using the C Shell — I remember the Xenix box as only having csh, though it’s possible that it also had a really feature-poor version of sh. Either way, csh was the only sane option for interactive use.…

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Android 5.0 thoughts

Having upgraded my tablet and phone to Android 5.0 — they’re both Nexus devices, so it was a fairly simple process to get the upgrade without waiting — here are my thoughts. Many of the improvements in the new version of Android are related to security. I don’t know whether this is driven by Apple’s (often erroneously) perceived leadership in this area, by the ongoing revelations about surveillance and law enforcement misbehavior, or by some combination of the two, but it’s welcome all the same.…

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