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Android 5.0 thoughts

Having upgraded my tablet and phone to Android 5.0 — they’re both Nexus devices, so it was a fairly simple process to get the upgrade without waiting — here are my thoughts. Many of the improvements in the new version of Android are related to security. I don’t know whether this is driven by Apple’s (often erroneously) perceived leadership in this area, by the ongoing revelations about surveillance and law enforcement misbehavior, or by some combination of the two, but it’s welcome all the same.…

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Learning from Apple's goto fail

I’ve seen multiple posts drawing lessons from [Apple’s goto fail](). However, they’ve all focused on one or two issues that led to the error. I think there were a good half a dozen problems that led to the error, so here’s my summary. Problem 1: Braces The first problem, and the one most people pick up on, is the use of statements outside of code blocks in control flow statements.…

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