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Perils of automatic invisible software updates

A couple of days ago I noticed my Google Fiber uplink was only 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps. While debugging with the tech via phone, it seemed as though any time I had something connected to port 4 on the network box, the speed dropped. I moved cables around until the speed was back to normal, and they scheduled a tech to come swap out the box. Today the tech arrived and was unable to reproduce the problem.…

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SLF4J and XPages Java debugging

I like to write code once and be able to run it both in the Domino XPages environment, and in regular Java environments. That means I don’t want to use any Domino-specific logging. I also like the SLF4J interface, at least on the Java source code side of things. In particular, I like how easy it is to log values using parameterized logging: // Painful JDK logging Logger logger = Logger.…

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Tracking down misbehaving Domino web agents

The problem: You have a web agent somewhere which uses LotusScript MessageBox to output an error message. However, the message doesn’t say which agent or database it’s being output by, so you need to locate the agent which is printing the text. The solution: At the console, set config AgentThreadDebug=1 tell http restart The HTTP task will then display a debug message for each web-triggered agent that starts or ends.…

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