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Search is hard

Getting search right in applications has many interesting subtleties. One problem is that most people don’t understand boolean algebra, to the point that they don’t understand the difference between “and” and “or” in a set of search clauses. Unless your audience is highly technical, giving them a choice between “and” and “or” will only confuse them. If you look at sites which successfully allow complex queries, they do it by using the type of UI component to express whether the choice is “and” or “or”.…

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[Now updated for 2015!] Component Status systemd Replaces init, cron, inetd, udev, locale, acpid, atd, su. systemd-journald Replaces syslog, klog. systemd-logind Replaces getty, login, xdm. (*) systemd-networkd Replaces ifup, ifdown, tcpwrapper, hostname, dhcpd. systemd-journal-gatewayd Provides HTTP server for systemd-journal. systemd-timesync Replaces NTP. systemd-resolved Replaces resolvconf, bind, powerdns-recursor, dnsmasq. systemd-automount Replaces autofs.…

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Android 5.0 thoughts

Having upgraded my tablet and phone to Android 5.0 — they’re both Nexus devices, so it was a fairly simple process to get the upgrade without waiting — here are my thoughts. Many of the improvements in the new version of Android are related to security. I don’t know whether this is driven by Apple’s (often erroneously) perceived leadership in this area, by the ongoing revelations about surveillance and law enforcement misbehavior, or by some combination of the two, but it’s welcome all the same.…

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