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Attack of the Heisenbug

This week I battled a bug which was exceptionally sneaky at hiding itself. Consider the following Domino Java code accessing a single-valued date-only field: Document doc; […fetch document…] Vector v = doc.getItemValueDateTimeArray("SomeDateField"); DateTime dt = (DateTime) v.get(0); Date jdt = dt.toJavaDate(); System.out.println(dt.toString() + " = " + jdt.toString()); What happens when you run the code? Well, the getItemValueDateTimeArray() call fetches the contents of the Notes item (field) from the document, and returns it as a Vector of Notes DateTime objects.…

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Of Domino and data pumps

When you have IBM Lotus Domino in your organization, sooner or later you come up with a requirement to move data between Domino and some other system — often a relational database. There are many ways to do this, and not much guidance is offered as to which to pursue, so here’s a summary of my own experience. LEI LEI is Lotus Enterprise Integrator. It’s basically a general purpose solution for pumping data between Domino and other systems — typically relational databases, but you can also use it to pump data between non-replicating Domino servers.…

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