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Bluemix J2EE basics with Eclipse and WAS Liberty Profile

IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform build around Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and other popular open source projects. As well as using it to deploy Go, nodeJS and PHP applications, you can use it to develop J2EE applications. To do so, you can use WebSphere Liberty, a clean ground-up implementation of J2EE in a single 60MB download. Don’t confuse it with the old WebSphere Application Server — this new beast can start up in seconds and run in 512MB of RAM.…

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OSGI "Hello World" with Eclipse Luna

If you follow a simple tutorial to set up an OSGI project, there’s a good chance that running your project will cause the console window to fill up with errors and backtraces. The root cause seems to be that by default, Eclipse assumes that your OSGI bundle wants to run inside a complete Eclipse runtime. So when you choose Run, Eclipse tries to run your bundle inside another instance of Eclipse running inside Eclipse.…

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Java: not all that bad these days

It took Sun a long time to get there, but as of Java 5 I began to quite like Java. Proper collection classes with generics were added, with a non-painful syntax for iterating over collections. No more for (Iterator it = container.iterator (); it.hasNext (); ) { … }, you can just do (say) for (String x : container) { … } and get proper type safety into the bargain.…

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