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SSDs, or everything old is new again

Some information about SSDs that a lot of people were apparently unaware of: High temperatures can make SSDs run slower. The log-structured I/O SSDs use is really poor for databases, which add their own layer of log-structured I/O. If you put multiple VMs on a single SSD, you can get unpredictable read latencies. The more you write to an SSD, the quicker it will fail. Item 1 was actually news to me.…

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Teletext and hypertext

Before the web, we had Teletext. As a child growing up with a home computer, I was fascinated by Teletext. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a TV with a Teletext decoder, as those were pretty pricey. My only chance to enjoy real Teletext was when visiting relatives. However, I had a BBC Computer, which had a Teletext mode known as Mode 7. In Mode 7, you could put a control character at a particular point on the screen, and all character cells to the right of that cell would display block graphics in a particular color when filled with a character code 160 or higher.…

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