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Bluemix J2EE basics with Eclipse and WAS Liberty Profile

IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform build around Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and other popular open source projects. As well as using it to deploy Go, nodeJS and PHP applications, you can use it to develop J2EE applications. To do so, you can use WebSphere Liberty, a clean ground-up implementation of J2EE in a single 60MB download. Don’t confuse it with the old WebSphere Application Server — this new beast can start up in seconds and run in 512MB of RAM.…

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It's all about solving problems

Back in the 1960s, IBM observed that a lot of business time was spent retyping documents. A lot of business documents needed fairly frequent changes. While handwriting could be used for minor annotations, eventually the changes would need to be made in the typed version. This would require that a secretary re-type at least an entire page of the document. Hence, the development of what came to be called the word processor.…

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