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XPages reliability checklist

When XPages works, it’s great. When it doesn’t work, it’s a pain. Partial refreshes suddenly stop working, user data is thrown away, and forms become unsubmittable. The root problem is that JSF holds a complex tree of objects on the server, representing the state of all the components on the web page — along with a Domino document for your data, and all the scope variables. Each HTTP request to the back end is accompanied by a $$viewid value fetched from a hidden field on the Web form.…

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Cookies with XPages

My first XPages app is coming along nicely. Today I needed to add some cookie support, and discovered that the otherwise comprehensive Mastering XPages had no information on the topic. There’s a post on the Lotus Developer Domain, but it’s a bit vague and makes the whole thing look harder than it really needs to be. I started by writing myself a quick Server Side JavaScript library to encapsulate the details.…

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