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Getting UTF-8 out of Domino web agents

A common technique for getting XML data out of IBM Lotus Domino is to build an agent which outputs the DXL encoding of a document and call it via HTTP. The code typically looks like this:

Print "Content-type: text/xml"
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim doc As NotesDocument
[...obtain your data somehow in the variable doc...]
Dim exporter As NotesDXLExporter
Set exporter = session.CreateDXLExporter
exporter.OutputDOCTYPE = False
Dim stream As NotesStream
Set stream = session.CreateStream
Call exporter.SetInput(doc)
Call exporter.SetOutput(stream)
Call exporter.Process
Print stream.ReadText()

However, there’s a subtle error in the above code. The kind of error that can make everything look fine in testing, then cause your integration work to fall over in production.

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Web Services, SOAP, Domino, and Java 6

A while back I made a brief attempt to embark on a voyage of Web Services discovery via JAX-WS. The problem was simple enough: I had a Java program running on server A which had an object. I wanted to send that object to a Domino server running on machine B. Domino has a nifty Web Services feature these days, so it took about 2 minutes to create the SOAP-based Web Service.…

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