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Hypertext and software patents

While I was visiting my family in the UK recently, I went through some old paperwork. One of the documents was my undergraduate dissertation from 1989⁄1990. My project was to build a graphical hypertext browser and editor which could link existing text files. I’d been experimenting with hypertext on and off since the mid 80s, when I had learned about it from Ted Nelson’s book “Dream Machines”. My browser used a two-pane interface resembling a frameset, with links in a list on the right of the document being viewed.…

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Business social networking

WIRED has an article titled Facebook: Too Creepy, Childish for the Workplace, apparently taken from Conde Nast Portfolio.com (whatever that is). The article says that Bill Gates has given up using Facebook, allegedly because he hated the ‘weird’ fan groups like Bill Gates is my Suga Daddy, Bill Gates for President! and Would you have sex with Bill Gates for half his money? The conclusion: Bill Gates obviously doesn’t need to schmooze on Facebook.…

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