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XPages JavaScript mystery meat

When using XPages, I try to build as much as possible in Java, and then use as little JavaScript as possible to glue the Java code into XPages. The main problem I hit when doing this is ensuring that my Java methods have the right type signatures to get found and called by JavaScript. It’s confusing to call someMethod(true) and find that you get a run-time error saying there’s no Java method someMethod(boolean), even though there is.…

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Controller-based server-side validation in XPages JavaScript

Think about your last tax return. If you have investment income, a whole additional set of questions has to be answered. If you own overseas investments, that’s another set of fields to fill out. Disposed of any stock? That’ll be more questions. My experience is that most business forms end up like this. They start out simple, but sooner or later someone says “Well, if they answer yes to this question, we’ll need to ask them another question with three possible answers, and depending on their answer they might need to put a project code in another field…” and suddenly you’re off down the dynamic forms rat hole.…

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