From AI to xz

I’m tired of the AI hype.

2024-03-31 · 18 min

AWS S3: An error occurred (ExpiredToken)… The provided token has expired

A mysterious error from AWS when you’re not even using tokens, and how to fix it.

2024-03-12 · 1 min

Language wish list

Or: why I’m not going to use your favorite programming language.

2023-12-23 · 3 min

Reading instance tags in Amazon EC2

A useful but underdocumented procedure.

2020-11-11 · 6 min

Farewell to scp

Don’t panic, there’s something much better.

2020-11-07 · 6 min

Final notes on Notes

The application people love to hate.

2020-10-03 · 6 min

Go HTTP handler patterns

How to pass a sql.DB to your http.HandlerFunc.

2020-08-16 · 8 min


Yes, it’s still around, there are reasons.

2020-04-09 · 2 min

Building a Kotlin fat JAR with IntelliJ IDEA

…and with Kotlin scripting, not Groovy.

2019-06-20 · 5 min

Go and SQL memory leaks

The scenario: You’ve got some Go code....

2018-10-24 · 3 min