Final notes on Notes

The application people love to hate.

2020-10-03 · 6 min

SSDs, or everything old is new again

Some information about SSDs that a lot of people were apparently unaware of:...

2015-12-21 · 6 min

The worst mergers and acquisitions

ZDNet ran a story in the week before Halloween about the worst tech mergers and acquisitions....

2015-11-01 · 7 min

Hypertext and software patents

While I was visiting my family in the UK recently, I went through some old paperwork....

2015-09-01 · 1 min

Teletext and hypertext

Before the web, we had Teletext....

2014-05-06 · 4 min

The x86

Did you know that the desktop or laptop computer you use is almost certainly based on the design of a dumb terminal?...

2013-04-03 · 17 min