Language wish list

Or: why I’m not going to use your favorite programming language.

2023-12-23 · 3 min

Go and SQL memory leaks

The scenario: You’ve got some Go code....

2018-10-24 · 3 min

Curried JavaScript

I got contacted by someone who had been stumped by an interview question about JavaScript....

2017-09-23 · 6 min

Reflection in Go and modifying struct values

Recently I found myself wanting to write some code to load values into a Go object....

2016-04-20 · 11 min

Go: Preliminary verdict

So, how do I feel about Go, now that I know it better?...

2015-12-05 · 4 min

Review: "The Go Programming Language"

“The Go Programming Language” by Alan A....

2015-12-04 · 5 min

Java file I/O in 2014

There are lots of articles about file handling in Java....

2014-03-11 · 4 min

Thoughts on unit testing

Controversial paper: Why Most Unit Testing Is Waste....

2014-03-07 · 2 min

Sinatra, web apps, and a Ruby flock

I’ve been writing a web application in Ruby recently, in order to glue together a couple of fairly complicated systems into something approaching a sane workflow....

2013-01-29 · 3 min

JavaScript modulus weirdness

I just became aware of an interesting JavaScript ‘feature’....

2011-04-27 · 1 min